Everything Old is New Again.

Lehigh Technologies is leading the way in applying technology to reuse engineered materials, particularly rubber. Finding high-value ways to reuse rubber is of critical importance because the majority of rubber produced and consumed is oil-based, a depleting natural resource that has a history of causing the price of consumer products to rise.

When consumers buy a product made with Lehigh Technologies recycled rubber, they are playing a role in helping solve the environmental problem of end-of-life tires by eliminating valuable rubber resources from going into landfills. What’s more, Lehigh Technologies’ micronized rubber powders give consumers the ability to buy green without compromising quality, cost or performance. 

Some facts regarding products made with Lehigh Technologies’ Micronized Rubber Powders:

  • Fact #1 - Eliminates waste from going into landfills: end-of-life tires and other post-industrial rubber. According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, over 300 million tires are discarded every year in the US and approximately 1 billion worldwide. Discarded tires in landfills not only cause physical degradation and destruct nature and its natural processes, but can also contribute to air and water pollution.
  • Fact #2 – Conserves Oil. Every pound of Lehigh’s MRP saves nearly a full gallon of oil. Oil is used to make the product we replace.  This is the same amount of oil needed to fuel a passenger car for 11 miles.
  • Fact #3 – Conserves Energy. Every pound of Lehigh’s MRP saves approximately 10kWh of energy (vs. traditional materials). The same amount of energy needed to run a medium window-unit AC for 10 hours.
  • Fact #4 – Helps Reduce Greenhouse Emissions. At 1.5 lbs, Lehigh’s MRP releases nearly half the CO2 of traditional materials, such as synthetic rubber, PVC, and paper.

In addition to being an environmentally smart product, Lehigh’s micronized rubber powders are made in an environmentally responsible way.

Next time you are buying a car, replacement tires, flooring, shoes, check to see if the product contain micronized rubber powder.  If it is, know that you are helping solve an important environmental problem.   

MRP Environmental Facts

Every pound of Lehigh's Micronized Rubber Powder helps save:

• 10kWh of energy—enough to power a computer for 50 hours.
• About 40 percent of the CO2 emissions of oil-derived resins