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Lehigh Announces Price Increase

ATLANTA – September 14, 2011 - Lehigh Technologies, a manufacturer of sustainable, micronized rubber powders, announced today a global price increase on its MicroDyne™  and PolyDyne™ products.

An average price increase of seven percent across Lehigh’s MicroDyne™ and PolyDyne™ product line is effective as of October 15, 2011, or as contracts allow.  This change will help offset increases in a wide range of input costs, fuel costs and general increases in business expenses, such as healthcare and insurance. 

“We have absorbed rising input costs throughout the year. This modest increase will compensate for these costs while allowing us to continue offering products at a lower cost than the non-renewable virgin materials we are replacing at same or better performance,” said Alan Barton, chief executive officer.

Lehigh Technologies’ proprietary manufacturing process takes end-of-life tire and other post-industrial rubber material and “upcycles” it into micron-scale, high quality, sustainable  powders that are compatible with customers’ existing formulations, making it easy to integrate into new or existing products.  This material not only help companies achieve sustainability goals, but also can improve performance attributes such as water resistance, energy savings and flexibility, while delivering significant costs savings over virgin raw materials.


Lehigh Technologies is a leading specialty chemicals company that produces high-performance micronized rubber powders (MRP), a sustainable specialty material that replaces oil-based materials to reduce costs. Lehigh's cryogenic turbo mill technology converts end-of-life tires and other post-industrial rubber into micron-scale powders used in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. Customers include more than 60 leading tire, asphalt and plastics companies around the world. To learn more, visit


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