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Lehigh Expands Its Presence to Brazil

ATLANTA – October 24, 2011 - Lehigh Technologies, manufacturer of sustainable, micronized rubber powders, announced today its expansion into Brazil with the appointment of Eduardo Roberto De Ranieri as country manager, Brazil.

Brazil is the world’s seventh largest economy with an average annual GDP growth rate of over five percent. In 1999, Brazil established a tire collection framework and has passed legislation dealing with scrap tires, setting targets for collection and proper disposal for all participants of the tire market through the National Council of the Environment (CONAMA). According to ANIP (Association of Tire Manufacturers), US$ 143.6 million has been invested for proper disposal of 3,770 million pounds of end-of-life tires from 1999 to June, 2011.

“Geographic expansion is key component of our growth strategy,” said Alan Barton, chief executive officer. “Brazil is a growing economy with many of our key customers and segments present and thriving.  We are pleased to establish our footprint in this region of world.”

Responsibility toward end-of-life tire collection is an important element in determining where Lehigh expands its footprint, indicating market interest in sustainability. “Brazil’s experience and history in establishing legislation and associations that support the industry of recycling end-of-life tires tells us that the market is interested in increasing its use of sustainable materials,” said Kedar Murthy, general manager and vice president of tire and industrial rubber. “Moreover, there is a sophisticated and diversified industrial base that embraces new technology.”

De Ranieri’s, Lehigh Technologies’ new country manager for Brazil, experience includes Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Argent Trading as well as business ventures involving the automotive industry. “I am excited to be part of the green materials industry. Lehigh is an impressive company with state-of-the art technology and an experienced team,” said Eduardo. “There are great growth opportunities for Lehigh and its sustainable micronized rubber powders in Brazil.”

Lehigh Technologies’ proprietary manufacturing process takes end-of-life tire and other post-industrial rubber material and “upcycles” it into micron-scale, high quality, sustainable  powders that are compatible with customers’ existing formulations, making it easy to integrate into new or existing products.  This material not only help companies achieve sustainability goals, but also can improve performance attributes such as water resistance, energy savings and flexibility, while delivering significant costs savings over virgin raw materials.


Lehigh Technologies is a leading specialty chemicals company that produces high-performance micronized rubber powders (MRP), a sustainable specialty material that replaces oil-based materials to reduce costs. Lehigh's cryogenic turbo mill technology converts end-of-life tires and other post-industrial rubber into micron-scale powders used in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. Customers include more than 60 leading tire, asphalt and plastics companies around the world. To learn more, visit


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