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Lehigh Launches its Application & Development Center

Mission is to Develop New Uses for Sustainable, Micronized Rubber Powders, Increase Speed of Adoption of More Sustainable Materials

ATLANTA – November 30 , 2010 – Lehigh Technologies, a manufacturer of sustainable, micronized rubber powders, announced today the unveiling of its Application & Development Center (ADC). Staffed by a team of experienced industry professionals, the ADC has capabilities in three core areas: rubber compounding, curing, compression molding and testing; plastics compounding, injection molding and testing; and coatings formulation and testing.

“The ADC’s mission is two-fold – to develop a fundamental understanding of the technical performance of our sustainable, micronized powders in complex composites and, as a result, assist our customers in developing commercial applications that meet their cost, performance and sustainability targets” said Dr. Tom Rosenmayer, vice president, technology, for Lehigh Technologies.

The industry has done a tremendous job of drastically reducing the number of end of life tires being land-filled, developing new markets such as tire-derived fuel, sports surfaces and mulch. To continue this progress, Lehigh Technologies believes that next generation, high value applications will help further reduce the environmental impact of end of life tires. In order to help the market understand the true capabilities of sustainable, micronized powders and how to use them effectively in their formulations, a fundamental technological approach is required. Via the ADC, Lehigh Technologies is making this a reality.

“There’s no question, that a broad range of industries are increasingly embracing green materials. The investment to build and staff the ADC demonstrates our commitment to helping find new and important uses for end of life tires and post industrial rubber. This will help our customers shorten their development cycles for incorporating sustainable materials while helping solve an environmental issue. We have already seen wide spread adoption for our materials, but there is much more work to be done,” said Dr. Alan Barton, chief executive officer of Lehigh Technologies.

Lehigh’s commitment to helping solve the environmental challenge of tire waste material was recently acknowledged by The World Economic Forum, naming the company a 2010 Technology Pioneer. This annual award is given to companies involved in the development of life-changing technology that has the potential for long-term impact on business and society.

Lehigh Technologies’ proprietary manufacturing process takes tire and other rubber material and “upcycles” it into micron-scale, high quality, sustainable powders that are compatible with customers’ existing formulations, making it easy to integrate into new or existing products. These powders not only help companies achieve sustainability goals, but can also improve performance attributes such as, water resistance, energy savings and flexibility, while delivering significant costs savings over virgin raw materials.


Lehigh Technologies is a leading specialty chemicals company that produces high-performance micronized rubber powders (MRP), a sustainable specialty material that replaces oil-based materials to reduce costs. Lehigh's cryogenic turbo mill technology converts end-of-life tires and other post-industrial rubber into micron-scale powders used in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. Customers include more than 60 leading tire, asphalt and plastics companies around the world. To learn more, visit


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