Boost Performance, Cut Costs and Go Green

Advanced materials continue to expand the performance boundaries of construction and building materials. Using Lehigh’s MicroDyne™ MRP in construction materials can deliver:

  • Water resistance
  • Sound dampening
  • Heat absorption
  • Energy savings
  • Crack resistance
  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Flexibility

MRP not only improves product performance, but also delivers cost savings over oil-based virgin materials and increases product sustainability. In some cases, MRP-based materials can help with LEED credits.

Today, MicroDyne™ MRPs are being used in:

  • Acrylic and asphaltic driveway sealers & coatings
  • Cement grouts and mortars
  • Roofing including roof coatings, roofing underlayment, roofing membranes, roofing system components
  • Water barrier membranes

Due to MicroDyne’s™ small particle size and high quality, these MRPs are easy to incorporate into existing formulations, are compatible with multiple polymers, and provide a smooth surface appearance on finished products.

Anaheim Hilton

The Hilton in Anaheim, California used construction materials with Lehigh's MRP for the hotel's new roofing system, enabling reduced cost and improved performance.