250 Million Tires Produced Using MRP ... and Counting

To date, more than 250 million tires have been manufactured using Lehigh’s micronized rubber powder, and we are proud to call six of the top ten tire companies in the world our customers.

Lehigh’s technically advanced MRP product, PolyDyne™, is a lower-cost, sustainable replacement for rubber compounds. Because of its consistent, high quality, metal- and fiber-free nature and micron size, PolyDyne™ is a versatile raw material. It can be used for high-performance, low-rolling resistance passenger OEM and replacement tires, truck and bus tires, retreads, off-the-road tires and rubber tracks.

In sum, MRP enables tire companies to substantially reduce their dependence on volatile commodities and lower their raw material costs, while increasing sustainability without impacting safety or performance. PolyDyne™ is being incorporated into tires around the world, including in Europe, Asia and South America..

Our Application and Development Center (ADC) continues to make advances in tire and rubber formulation technology using MRPs, working alongside tire companies to develop formulations that can help them achieve their performance, cost and sustainability goals.

Novel MRP: PolyDyne-HL10

In 2012, Lehigh launched PolyDyne-HL10TM, a high-performance MRP technology. PolyDyne-HL10TM enables a 10% loading percentage, achieving an outstanding balance of cost and performance. The benefits of PolyDyne-HL10TM include:

  • Compound cost savings of up to 5%
  • Improved fatigue and equivalent in key properties
  • A more sustainable compound at 10% loading
  • Production ready in large quantities

For more information on this product, contact Lehigh Technologies here.