Products Overview

Lehigh’s MRPs are available in two product lines: PolyDyneTM and MicroDyneTM. Both products are a versatile, durable and technically advanced specialty chemicals, made in an environmentally friendly way. Crucially, both products deliver performance, lower costs, and increase the sustainability of our customers’ products. 

PolyDyne™ and MicroDyne™ MRPs can be incorporated into a range of applications. Our staff of in-house industry experts at our Application and Development Center (ADC) works with customers to seamlessly incorporate our MRPs into new and existing formulations.

We also offer a Closed-Loop business model, whereby we partner with our customers to transform their post-manufactured rubber material into custom designed MRPs for use in their products. With this model, we can maximize our customers’ zero-waste initiatives, eliminating landfill and disposal costs, boosting cost savings, and improving sustainability.

MRP Environmental Facts

Every pound of Lehigh’s MRPs saves…

  • 10kWh of energy vs. traditional alternatives
  • Nearly half the CO2 of traditional alternatives
  • Tires and post-industrial rubber from landfills