Micronized Rubber Powders are ideal for a wide range of applications

Lehigh’s high quality, micronized rubber powders (MRPs) are suitable for a number of high-performance consumer and industrial applications, including tires, plastics, asphalt and construction materials. Our customers include the largest tire companies in the world, companies at the forefront in the construction materials, and those working in the asphalt, plastics, modular flooring and polyurethane segments.

The Company

Lehigh Technologies is a specialty chemicals company that produces highly engineered, versatile raw materials called micronized rubber powders (MRP) that can replace oil- and rubber-based feedstocks in a wide range of applications.


Lehigh has designed the MRP product ranges to deliver significant value across a variety of markets while reducing the environmental impact of end-of-life tires.


Lehigh’s micronized rubber powders (MRPs) are versatile, durable and technically advanced specialty chemicals delivering compelling performance and lower costs while increasing the sustainability of our customers’ products.

Research and Development

Lehigh created the Application & Development Center (ADC) at its headquarters to collaborate with customers to develop MRP formulations and optimize products to meet their exact needs.

Sustainability facts

Lehigh Technologies is dedicated to developing high-value uses for end-of-life tire materials that would otherwise be burned or deposited in landfills.




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