Lehigh Technologies provides the asphalt industry with a cost-conscious additive that boosts the performance of ground tire rubber and MRP in rubber-modified asphalt (RMA) binders. Rheopave™ is a patented blend of polymers and other components developed specifically to network with rubber powders to increase rutting/channeling resistance (an increase in multiple stress creep recovery, or MSCR value), improve storage stability and impart greater mix workability and compaction. RMA systems are longer lasting, less costly, and friendlier to the environment than conventional asphalt systems.

For more information on specific applications for Rheopave™ MRPs by market segment, visit the Applications page.

Lehigh Technologies offers:

Proven history

Lehigh Technologies has been in operations creating end markets for MRP and other specialty additives for over 15 years. Michelin, Lehigh’s parent company, has been in business for over 130 years.


Technical devotion

Lehigh houses the industries’ only Application and Development Center dedicated to the fundamental understanding and promoting the use of MRP (Micronized Rubber Powders) in a variety of applications. Our asphalt expertise is bolstered by partnerships with industry leading binder labs, mix design contractors and universities.


Direct support

Lehigh provides customers with customized formulations designed to meet State specific DOT requirements. Lehigh dry blends Rheopave and MicroDyne 400-TR 40 mesh MRP into a homogeneous mix based on the formulation at our Atlanta, GA facility.        


Proven, low cost, USA technologies

The primary function of Lehigh’s Rheopave + MRP system is to economically modify asphalt (+ two grade bumps to create a PG76-22) by means of a low cost hybrid system… sustainable technologies (recycled tire rubber, recycled plastic) + a reactive polymer. This system, designed to meet PMA specifications, has been employed in large volume rubber modified asphalt projects throughout the country over the past decade through both the DRY and WET PROCESSES. Over a million tons of US asphalt mix have been paved utilizing the Rheopave + MicroDyne 400-TR system which is comprised of 100% US sourced materials.  

For more information on specific applications for Rheopave™ MRPs by market segment, click here to visit the Asphalt Applications page




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