Products Overview

Lehigh’s micronized rubber powders (MRPs) are versatile, durable and technically advanced specialty chemicals delivering compelling performance and lower costs while increasing the sustainability of our customers’ products. 

Lehigh has developed a suite of MRPs (listed below) that are optimized for specific applications and uses. Lehigh’s staff of in-house industry experts at our Application and Development Center (ADC) further collaborate with customers to seamlessly integrate MRP into new and existing formulations.

Lehigh also supports closed-loop business models, whereby we transform customers’ post-manufactured rubber material into MRPs that are custom designed for use in their products. This approach helps to maximize our customers’ zero-waste initiatives, reduce landfill and disposal costs, boost cost savings and improve sustainability.


Versatile and Valuable
Lehigh offers MicroDyne™ MRPs in a range of particle sizes—from 830 microns (20 mesh) to 50 microns (300 mesh)—to fit a wide array of applications. Lehigh’s customers have deployed MicroDyne™ MRPs in plastics, asphalt, construction, coatings and other applications. MicroDyne™ can be made from tire rubber material, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, butyl rubber or EPDM rubber.

MicroDyne™ MRPs provide a range of benefits:

  • Improved performance attributes, such as water resistance, energy savings, durability, flexibility, sound dampening, heat absorption and vibration dampening.
  • Significant cost savings over virgin raw materials.
  • A sustainable raw material that helps customers achieve corporate goals.

For more information on specific applications for MicroDyne™ MRPs by market segment, visit the Our Markets page.


The Tire and Rubber Industry Standard
Lehigh’s PolyDyne™ MRPs have been designed specifically for the tire and rubber industries. PolyDyne™ has become a standard raw material for customers in these segments—and an essential component of modern rubber compounding. To date, it has been used in more than 400 million tires worldwide.

PolyDyne™ is used in the following tire and rubber products:

  • OEM and replacement passenger car and truck tires, retreads, off-road construction and agriculture tires.
  • Anti-vibration mounts, seals, hoses and gaskets, butyl bladder and tire innerliner as well as natural rubber, EPDM rubber, nitrile rubber and other rubber polymer products.

PolyDyne™ delivers consistent high quality, is available in a wide range of particle size distributions—from 40 to 200 mesh—and is optimized to meet the performance requirements of different rubber applications.

For more information on specific applications for PolyDyne™ MRPs by market segment, visit the Our Markets page.


Lehigh Technologies has partnered with Rheopave Technologies, LLC, to provide the asphalt industry with a cost-conscious additive that boosts the performance of ground tire rubber and MRP in rubber-modified asphalt (RMA) binders. Rheopave™ is a patented blend of polymers and other components developed specifically to network with rubber powders to increase rutting/channeling resistance (an increase in multiple stress creep recovery, or MSCR value), improve storage stability and impart greater mix workability and compaction. RMA systems are longer lasting, less costly, and friendlier to the environment than conventional asphalt systems.

For more information on specific applications for Rheopave™ MRPs by market segment, visit the Our Markets page.


Zenoflex™ is a range of Thermoplastics elastomers (TPEs) that combine MRP with custom formulated polymers and additives.

For more information on specific applications for Zenoflex™ MRPs by market segment, visit the Our Markets page.

MRP Environmental Facts

Every pound of Lehigh's Micronized Rubber Powder helps save:

• 10kWh of energy—enough to power a computer for 50 hours.
• About 40 percent of the CO2 emissions of oil-derived resins