MRP - MicroDyne

Versatile and Valuable

  • Lehigh offers MicroDyne™ MRPs in a range of particle sizes – from 830 microns (20 mesh) to 50 microns (300 mesh) – to fit a wide array of applications.

  • Lehigh’s customers have deployed MicroDyne™ MRPs in plastics, asphalt, construction, coatings and other applications as well.

  • MicroDyne™ products also come in a variety of chemistries (tire rubber material, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, butyl rubber or EPDM rubber.

  • Lehigh provides MRP in CLEAR/PINKISH as well as our standard BLACK color


MicroDyne™ MRPs provide the following benefits:

  • Can improve performance attributes, such as water resistance, energy savings, durability, flexibility, sound dampening, heat absorption and vibration dampening

  • Provide significant cost savings over virgin raw materials

  • Help customers reduce waste and achieve their sustainability goals.

For example, Lehigh’s MicroDyne 400-TR (40 mesh) and MicroDyne 830-TR (20 mesh) MRPs are industry forerunners for the use of replacing synthetic polymers (often in tandem with Lehigh’s sustainable Rheopavetechnology”) to modify asphalt liquid and/or mix in ASPHALT PAVING. These products are industry proven offer our customers the most consistent (stable chemistry, uniform particle distribution), highest quality (no metal, fiberless), best in class flowability (empty a 2,000 LB super sack in < 45 seconds) and are 100% environmentally sustainable.

MicroDyne™ Standard Product Specification

Lehigh’s standard MicroDyne MRPs conform to ASTM D5603-01 classification. Lehigh also offers specialty products with unique particle size distributions and various polymer composition as well as custom products.

For more information on specific applications for MicroDyne™ MRPs by market segment, visit Applications page.



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