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PolyDyne® ground rubber compound produced from end-of-life tires provides compound cost savings, lower cost compound options, reduced landfill costs and supports circular and sustainable materials use.

A Standard Raw Material

Lehigh’s PolyDyne® MRPs (micronized rubber powders) have been designed specifically for the tire, custom mixing and rubber industries. It has become a standard raw material for customers in these markets and an essential component of modern rubber compounding. To date, it has been used in the manufacture of more than 500+ million tires worldwide

PolyDyne® is currently used for the following applications:

OEM and replacement passenger car tires, retreads, truck tires, off-road tires and farm tires. Over 500+ million tires have been produced worldwide with Polydyne™ products.

Rubber compounding-helps reduce compound costs and provides lower cost compound options for your customers to evaluate.

Automotive-used in anti-vibration mounts, seals, hoses and gaskets and is available in select polymer chemistries.


  • Has consistent high quality and is metal and fiber-free. It is available in a wide range of particle size distributions – from 40 to 200 mesh – to meet the performance requirements of different rubber applications.

  • Custom packaging including ready to use pre-weighed bags and super sack delivery systems available.

  • Technical and compounding support available when incorporating Polydyne™ into the formulation, drawing from extensive experience in the tire and compounding sectors. For technical support click here to link to contact us.

  • Provides cost savings and stability over oil-based and rubber-based virgin materials

  • Conforms to ASTM D5603-01 classification

  • Is a sustainable and circular material made from end-of-life tires and post-industrial rubber, supporting corporate wide sustainability efforts.


PolyDyne Standard Product Specification Sheets

PolyDyne SDS information



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